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日月潭經典大飯店 Classic Group

  • Shvatan Hall-Restaurant

    Shvatan Hall-Restaurant

    Shvatan Hall, located on the 8F with the stunning views, overlooks layers of green mountains amidst changing mist. The visitors would indulge themselves in the breathtaking landscape.
    With the premise of natural and healthy food, the restaurant pays attention to the ingredients, using the rich local produce and insisting cooking with little oil, little salt, and with high fiber. With the rural dishes in combination with the mountain landscape, the diners seem to live in the sounds of the Thaus pounding.

  • Fantasy Palace—Le Meridien Ballroom

    Fantasy Palace—Le Meridien Ballroom

    The ballroom is a multi-functional complex site located on the right side of the first floor. It has professional audio-visual equipments. The dishes may satisfy your appetite, and our chefs assemble the Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines for you to taste a variety of flavors. Such as business banquets, year-end parties, spring parties, family gatherings, family reunion dinners, or birthday parties, both the guests and the hosts will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

  • Fantasy Palace—Palaisa Hall

    Fantasy Palace—Palaisa Hall

    Located on the left side of the first floor. The mountains, sunshine, anion into the room when I’m by the wide and bright open windows, picking up the leisure under the mountain in Yuchih township, sipping caffeine in the air, and waking up in the morning.