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Introduction to Fantasy Palace

Restart the lost country of the fantasy space—Fantasy Palace Magic House
Break the long-closed urn of fate—Fantasy Palace Journey of Fantasy
Ignite the eternal fire into the flower elf.
The Owl titled the hope and landed on the Promised Land.
The sun, stars, and the moon shine the sky.
The streamy spring jitters like silk.
Wake up! Come back!

Re-shed the burned oath to their hearts.
Grew into a giant tree and formed golden fruit.
Prompt the Flying Lions-in a dark jouney.
The Dragon Walker responds to the gentle call of the earth.
Fiery love and rich property.
Wisdom river and sturdy tree.

Wake the sleeping and long-lost love up in the world.
Sow the seeds of wisdom and nurtured sentient beings in the blessed land.
Spread the wings and guide the gorgeous Health Avenue.
Let the wealth converge into the river and flow to the mother’s arms.
Revive from the dreams in the dark for so long time.
Back from the dry land for so long time.
Welcome to Fantasy Palace.